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We hope all our First Steps families are well and are keeping busy. For cooking this week we thought we would try something a bit refreshing an colourful ‘Seven Dwarfs Baked Apples’.

Kitchen utensil bubble wands

Go through a kitchen drawer and collect slotted spoons, fly swatters, spatulas, and anything else that has holes to make bubbles. Make your own bubble solution and then head out to see which utensil creates the best bubbles!

Bubble Snakes

Use a pair of scissors to cut off the bottom of a water bottle

Stretch out the sock and slide it over the open end of the water bottle.

In a small container, mix together some dish soap with a small amount of water.

Then blow on the mouth piece of the bottle to make the bubbles.

Water Painting

Water Mark Making

This is a very simple activity that is absolutely fantastic for children of all ages, all you need is something to hold water and a brush or roller. For babies a baking tray is the perfect depth to splash and mark make. This activity develops their gross motor skills and is a great learning opportunity for older children they can compare sizes, write letters and watch the process of the water disappearing in the sun.

Egg Rolling

Egg rolling, decorating and painting is an Easter tradition that is fun for the entire family. You can choose to use plastic eggs or real if you wish. If you decorate eggs then you can turn it into an egg hunt which is always a fun activity. For babies you can make your own egg rolling ramp using a box and some card. And for older children it may be the time to introduce the classic egg and spoon race. If you do any Easter activities please do upload them to tapestry so they can be shared with staff on their return.

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