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This week how about some mini quiches perhaps for a garden picnic or some snacks for in the house. These are great as there is a lot of stirring for the children to be involved in as well as measuring ingredients and also these are a fantastic opportunity to talk about shapes.

Ice Painting

Ice painting is a classic painting idea loved by young children. You will probably be tempted to have a go yourself too! Experiment with different colours and see what watery patterns you can create.

You will need:

Ice tray or small pots (yoghurt pots work well)

Food colouring


lolly sticks

Card or paper

Mix a tiny bit of food colouring into pots of water.  Put a craft stick into each pot and then put the pots into the freezer. The ice paints will take a couple of hours to freeze. Once the ice has frozen take the ice paints out of the pots and you are ready to get painting. 

Create A Time Capsule

Lockdown can be a hard and unsettling time for us all. But this could also be an opportunity while spending so much time with your families to document your time together. The great thing about time capsules is that you can choose what you want to put in them. You could trace around your hand and date it, make a ‘current info’ card listing your child’s height, age and hobbies, write a letter to your future self or include photos of you and your family. When you’ve filled your box, seal it, decorate it and hide it somewhere in the house to find later. Try to set a limit on when you are allowed to open it – the longer the better.

You’ll need: a shoe box, decorations and a collection of mementoes from around the house

Spider’s web

Turn a room, hall or corridor into a spider’s web: with tape,wool or somthing to that effect you have to go through it but without touching it. This is great for developing their physical strength and also problem solving abilities.

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