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This week we are moving away from the Roald Dahl theme and moving on to Disney with some delicious ‘Mowgli’s Banana and Mango Mousse` a simple recipe and technique for you and your children to enjoy.


We have had some requests for our recipe that we use for playdough so Sami has shared her recipe that she uses in the Baby Room. Thank you Sami.

Play dough recipe –

2 cups flour

1/2 cup of salt

1 1/2 – 2 cups of boiling water

2 tbs oil

2 tbs cream of tartar

Food colouring and flavourings can also be added.

Car Track and Garages

If you are wondering what to do with your old milk bottles, how about making car garages and houses with them and add a road for a racetrack using some tape. This is a fantastic activity for roleplay and imagination skills. As you will see this has been tried and tested by Ruth and is a fabulous way to keep them busy.

Plant Seedlings

Now the weather is improving how about some gardening with the children. Planting seedlings and watching their growth is rewarding, as well as educational. You would need to do a bit of research as to what would be the best time to plant. The time frame fluctuates between various types of plants. Most plants take 3-15 weeks to mature to a level to be transplanted into a garden. A quick favourite and simple method is cress seeds, you could be eating cress and egg sandwiches in no time.

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