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August Newsletter 2020

Setting News
Welcome back to more of our children and families and to the many new children that have
joined our First Steps Family, it has been so lovely having the nursery filled with laughter
and smiles again. Many of you may have noticed our new extension is now 99%finished. The
children are now spending time going over to their new rooms to help with the preparations
and plans, as the children’s ideas and suggestions are the most important of all. We hope in
a matter of days we will be up and running for appointments, watch this space for our
virtual tour to go live on our website. We are super excited!

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Thank you to you all for your patience during this time, the children have been amazing,
adapting to all the changes.
We also want to say a big official ‘hello’ to Charlotte who will be taking over Dani’s role,
within the preschool room. Charlotte comes with a wealth of experience and she is
extremely excited to be part of the First Steps team and we are delighted to have her.
Charlotte has spent the last month in the nursery getting to know this year’s new preschool

In the Moment Planning
We are continuing to implement our in the moment planning system, in order for
us to provide the best opportunities to further your child’s learning, interests
and imagination we really value your support and feedback so please work closely
with your child’s key person and keep us informed of any events, interests or
outings your child has recently enjoyed or experienced.

Pre-school News
This is the time of year when we say goodbye to our pre-school children as they
head off to ‘Big School’. We wish them all the best for their exciting new
journeys and hope that you all come back to visit us to tell us all about your new
schools and show us your uniforms. If you have not already, please inform us of
your leaving date so we can provide you with all the tapestry information and
how to download it. You will then have an everlasting memory of their time at
First Steps.

Thank you to our pre-school children and families for understanding that we
were unable to have a graduation ceremony this year. I hope you have all viewed
the link and had the opportunity to see our amazing and very emotional leavers
video. ‘Get the tissues at the ready”. https://fsdaynursery.co.uk/pre-schoolgraduation-2020/
Thank you to those of you that made it to the short parade that we had at the
front of the building to collect your photos and also say goodbye to Dani, as you
can imagine it was extremely difficult to work out a system to say goodbye so
we decided on a party day for the children that were in that day and a chance
to wave goodbye for everyone else. It was lovely to see so many of the children
that did not returned following the shutdown. It was a wonderful send off for
Dani, we wish her all the best for her new adventure of becoming a Mummy.

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As you may be aware we have had to say good bye to several members of staff
due to the decrease in numbers following the pandemic, we have however
arranged an afternoon on the 14th of August for them to return so we can thank
them and say a proper goodbye. If you would like to pop in and say goodbye to
any of them, please email us and we will arrange a time for you to do this.

September 2020 pre-schoolers
For parents who have children entering pre-school for their final year before
school we are currently creating a virtual video which will explain all the details
you need to know about their final year. This will include the routine, planning,
school preparation, school applications, funding/fees, and sessions available. We
would normally invite you all in for an open evening but sadly due to the current
climate we are unable to do this. If you do have any questions or queries when
you have watched the video, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Room News
Many children who have returned or are returning may have experienced a
change in key person, no changes have been made unnecessarily and in
September the children will still be in rooms with staff that are familiar to


Elaine Fry Sami Fry Lisa Davis


Charlotte Ingram Catherine Rooms

Amber Collins Clair Hayman

In Other News

Sadly, we had a bit of a shock recently when an online publication was shared to
a local social media group reporting that First Steps had new owners this was a
huge shock and was entirely untrue. Elaine has been the director of First Steps
for 28 years and with Ruth by her side we can assure you First Steps will always
be in Garland’s and Garland-Davies hands and hearts.
We are thrilled that parents have formed their own groups via WhatsApp and
Facebook but sadly this has also caused a lot of confusion with information
coming from different sources if you do have any questions please come
straight to us and we will be able to answer them all and settle any queries.
Keeping Safe

We are still imposing our social distancing system, so when we are in the new
building please continue to call and we will collect the children at the gate and
bring them back out to you.
Polite Reminders

The weather has been so unpredictable recently with the sun shining one day
and heavy rain the next we kindly ask that the children have the appropriate
clothing such as; sun hats for hot days and raincoats for the wet days.
May we also remind parents and carers that all clothing should be named
especially coats and jackets and easily removable items we are having a lot of
issues with children having similar clothing that is getting mixed up.

We are also still not able to allow any toys from home in the nursery, so if they
could be left at home, we would greatly appreciate it.

Please continually view and monitor our website, for updates on our policies and
procedures, we have recently made amendments to our fees policy. Any future
children booked into the setting requiring to defer their place, will now no
longer be able to extend the initial start date for any longer than one month, and this will also require one months fees in advance upfront to secure a booking.

Grand Opening
We will soon have a Grand Opening of our new building on Sunday the 16th of
August at 3pm sadly this will not be as big of event as we initially planned but
we are delighted to announce that Yvonne Bignall has agreed to open it for us.
Yvonne is a radio personality, author, wellbeing and life coach. She incorporates
all that First Steps values; kindness, positivity, inclusion, and health.

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