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Construction Development Week 3


This week has been very exciting with all the machinery, the garden has been full of activity. The week started with the last of the conservatory being tore down and we found there is nothing quite like some destruction to excite a group of children. The foundations of our new pre-school have been dug and filled with cement which again was too exciting for words. It has been a hub of activity in our garden we have watched skip lorries come and go, diggers tear stuff down the dig it up and also watched a good old spade be used to help which then prompted the children to immediately start digging in our sand pit and watching the cement lorry reverse onto the nursery playground and pour it in the holes well that was the icing on the cake. Construction has not only inspired the children’s play outside with the sand and diggers they have been building with bricks, blocks and other construction materials inside. We cannot wait to see what next week will bring us.

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