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Construction Development Week 4


Despite the terrible weather things are really taking shape this week.  The outer walls are being laid and the ceiling has been taken down in the pre-school room.  A crane delivered the bricks which was very exciting, and the children are now on constant crane watching.  The concrete floor has been laid and has now set it was very tempting to add some little footprints, but we didn’t think the builders would be too impressed if their perfectly even floor was disturbed.  The children have been laying their own concrete in the mixer and I don’t think there was an inch of the nursey that did not have cement (sand) on the floor this week, but as long as everyone had fun that is the main thing and on that note we want to say a big thank you to our wonderful cleaners Pam and Jen who I’m sure did not expect the entire nursery to be a building site. 

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