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January 2021 Newsletter


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Happy New year to all our families- we want to say a massive thank you to all our families for their generous cards and gifts at Christmas. We hope you have managed to enjoy a well-deserved break and magical Christmas together, as well as you could during these very strange times.

Sorry it is a little late, as you can see it has been a rather busy and eventful January here at First Steps an exciting new adventure for Ruth and her family.

Setting News

As I am sure most of you are aware, building work on what used to be the First Steps Nursery and Pre-School building is well and truly underway. While we are keeping the safety of your children paramount when in our care, the work being carried out has sparked a rather large interest with the children. On the back of this, we have turned our Pre-school side garden into our very own builders’ yard with pretend bricks, hard hats, high vis jackets, a cement mixer and all the tools to carry out their own construction. 

We have also installed two outdoor heaters in our back garden. One has been used to create a warm and cosy outdoor sleep area for our younger children, and the other placed above an outdoor play area where the children can select resources to put on the table beneath for a warmer outdoor play experience.

May we please thank you for your cooperation and understanding with the new drop-off and collection system we have put in place since returning to nursery and pre-school, and for your ongoing understanding of our parking restrictions along Westway Lane.

 Getting fit and active …..

The children have also been thoroughly enjoying getting active and fit in the Jumping beans workshop on a Tuesday at 10am.

 Updates for this month…

We would like to send out a huge thank you to everyone who donated money towards our local food bank over the Christmas period. We raised a fantastic £69.28 for the Salvation Army who I am sure are very appreciative of this at this difficult time.


We have had some lovely feedback from parents regarding their children’s December reports and the progress they have made since being in our care. Here at First Steps we really appreciate the positive and kind things that you have to say about our practitioners and the setting as a whole. We appreciate it is difficult now to have any form of detailed conversation with the practitioners when dropping off and collecting your child[ren] due to the restrictions we currently have in place. But please do not hesitate to phone/email us or book a telephone appointment with your child’s key person.

Polite reminders

It has been brought to our attention that some children are not bringing appropriate (or any) spare clothes to nursery with them in their bags. As you are aware, our children love to play in the garden, go out for local walks, and get involved with messy play activities which can sometimes result in multiple changes of clothing due to soggy sleeves and muddy knees. Unfortunately, our spare clothes store has depleted massively over the winter month to the point where we are now unable to provide our children with spare clothes if needed. Please could we remind you to return any spare items of clothing borrowed.

If any of our parents/carers have any form of spare clothes their children have grown out of or may be getting rid of (particularly trousers/leggings) and would like to kindly donate to the nursery, that would be very much appreciated.

Parent/Carer support

Many thanks to all the parents that have kindly shared some beautiful photographs with us of their family/friends onto tapestry. These are vital to help us support the children’s emotional well being and give the children a great talking point with both the team and their friends. 

We are using these not only to display in both rooms but laminated to give the children the opportunity to extend their play and imagination, having real people in their lives to role play with at nursery, i.e., in the sand play, malleable play and during mark making experiences.   

Events happening and coming up that we will be covering with the children over the coming weeks.

Mental health awareness week- 1st February

Chinese New Year- 12th February

Valentines- 14th February

Pancake day-16th February

Please upload any photographs onto Tapestry if you make pancakes with your child/ren at home or cover any events or festivities as we would love you to share these with us.

 Reminder of easter bank holiday closing dates.

Good Friday – 2nd April 2021

Easter Monday- 5th April 2021

Please see our exciting, delicious snacks and meals for Chinese New Year                                                                 

FRIDAY 12TH FEBRUARY                                      

Chinese New Year menu



Porridge with fruit puree


Fortune cookies and orange slices


Pork Stir-fry with red peppers, mangetout and broccoli


Mango Sago Pudding


Healthy Chicken balls with plum sauce


Steamed pumpkin muffins


Make your own spring rolls


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