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October 2019 Newsletter


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Welcome to all the new children and their families that have recently joined First Steps, and a big hello to the children that have moved up into the next room. We appreciate during this time some children may take a little while to settle in and become familiar with the change of environment and key person, if your child has found the move stressful or upsetting please don’t hesitate to give us a call at any time. We will be working together with you and the children to get to know one another and to become aware of their needs and interests to help support them in their learning and development. We believe the partnership between nursery and parent is paramount in helping your child to thrive, therefore when possible please use Tapestry to share experiences with your child’s key person. This in turn will help us to get to know and support your child the best way we can. Please return all the information asked by rooms to help support the key people with knowing your child, and please continually upload photos observations to help support parent partnerships.

Bake sale

The preschool children had a lovely time helping to sell the cakes.
Thank you so much for all your support of our bake sale we raised an outstanding amount of £309. We had so many amazing donations and our showstopper made by Lizzie was auctioned at £85.


It has been a fantastic start to the new term we have had a lot of new babies settling in which has been lovely to introduce the little ones to new experiences. We have had some very successful tiny talk sessions, and now the children are beginning to understand new signs and even using them throughout the day. We have been on a few walks and outings recently we went to the duck pond and to the park. Autumn is upon us now, so we have been mark making with a range of tools and colours introducing the children to new natural resources and adding to their sensory experiences. We have been learning our new hello song which has become a favourite for the children the waving has become more animated as each day goes on.


Welcome to all our new Toddler Stars we have had a lovely start to the term with lots of new activities. The change in season has given us the opportunity to bring the outdoors in, giving us the opportunity to use new vocabulary such as ‘crunchy’ as we make autumn collages. We have also been welly boot printing ready for our display which is always a fun activity mark making in different ways extends the children’s experiences of mark making.


The children in the nursery continue to show a big interest in storytelling. This month we will be reading ‘Pip and Posy and the Scary Monster’ this book provides lots of talking points for the children to think about the autumnal weather, dressing up and playing with friends. If your child would like to borrow a book to share with you at home, please speak to a member of the team, reading together is a fantastic way to promote speech and language developing lifelong skills.


The start of the term has brought this lovely autumn weather upon us and therefore we have been celebrating the Harvest Festival. We have had a roleplay grocery shop and lots of small world activities that include real fruit and vegetables. We are accepting donations to take to the Salvation Army if you would like to donate any items please bring them to pre-school before Thursday 10th October.


We will be going into our four-week winter menu as of Monday 21st October, now the weather is getting colder it will include lots of homecooked hearty warm meals to keep us going during those cold days. The menu will be displayed at the entrance of each room and will be emailed over to you in due course, if you have any questions regarding our new menu please do not hesitate in speaking to your child’s key person

Dates for the diary

Studio Birdy Photographer is visiting the setting again on Friday 15th November, as many of you know from previous experiences if your child is in nursery that day, they will automatically have their photograph taken. If you would like to book your child in or require family photographs, please arrange an appointment. We will contact you once the signup sheet is available. We will notify you of the room this will be taking place the morning of 15th November.

First Steps childcare will be closing at 12 noon on Tuesday 24th December (Christmas eve) and reopening on Monday 6th January We have decided next year to close midday on 27th August and for a full day on 28th August for a staff training day to give all the staff the opportunity to get the rooms cleaned/organised and sorted for the new term September 2020. We have struggled this year, but this will in fact mean we will stay open until 4pm on Christmas eve 2020. Any children that attend nursery on Friday 28th August 2020 will have the opportunity to swap the session. Preschool parents’ dates/ information First Steps will be holding a Christmas concert and market for the preschool room children on Saturday 7th December in the morning. After you have watched your child perform we invite you over to the nursery room to purchase your child’s arts and crafts they have worked really hard on – all donations will be going towards CLIC – helping children with cancer, and enjoy a warm mince pie and sum Christmas punch. We will be displaying times closer to the date.

Children starting school in September 2020 Parents and carers of children due to start school in September 2020 can apply using the on-line application form. This is very helpful as unfortunately we no longer have the resources to send letters to individual parent/carer’s home addresses. The deadline is 15th January 2020 and with the increasing demand for school places it is more important than ever that parents make an on-time application. Parents can apply by visiting www.somerset.gov.uk/admissions or by contacting Somerset Direct on 0300 123 2224 if a paper application form is required.

Polite Reminders Please can we kindly ask parents not to ask staff to be friends on Facebook please- this is in line with our safeguarding policy. Thank you for your understanding. Now the weather is changing please can you provide your child with appropriate clothing and footwear, we go outside in all weathers. All clothes including spare clothes and coats should be named, First Steps cannot take any responsibility for lost clothing. Please can I also remind you not to send your child in new clothing that you don’t want stained – the children learn to play, explore and most importantly have a great time this often means getting paint on clothes, food down themselves, wet and muddy. Please could we ask for spare clothes to be provided for all children.

The wearing of jewellery by children in the setting can present a potential hazard to both the child and the other children in the setting. We do not recommend loose fitting jewellery such as necklaces, bangles, hoop earrings, rings etc. Items such as these can snag on clothes, toys and equipment they may also pose a strangulation risk. Staff advise parents/carers that the only jewellery that is acceptable are small stud earrings. If a child arrives at First Steps wearing other forms of jewellery, this will be sensitively pointed out by the Key Person, and the parent encouraged to remove the items and take them home. If the items are only noticed during the session time they will be removed, put in a safe place and given to the parent/carer at collection time. First Steps will not accept any liability for lost items and will take steps to ensure the policy is not breached.

Our Website Please take a moment to look at our website and specially the ‘our rooms’ page which now has videos of our learning walk. This explains a typical day in each room incorporating all areas of the EYFS into the children’s play and explains our in the moment planning as well as showing that our children are ready for the big screen.

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