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First Steps - We offer educational nursery and and pre-school care
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Conveniently located in the heart of Shepton Mallet in Somerset, First Steps Day Nursery offers educational nursery and pre-school care for your child in a safe, loving and caring environment.

Our Rooms

Baby & Toddler room :

Baby and Toddler have all four rooms upstairs; these rooms are full equip with safe and suitable resources.

Whilst in our care babies and toddlers can experience a range of sensory, tactile and physical activities to enhance their growth and development.

Within one of the rooms is a number of cots. Babies and toddlers are allocated their own colour coded bedding to prevent cross contamination and the projector provides soft lighting displaying stars slowly moving across the ceiling.

All children are encouraged to move and play on safe and age appropriate equipment to promote and encourage physical development in a garden area specifically designed for young children.

Babies and toddlers learn the basics of Somerset Total Communication (STC) and are encouraged to use this form of communication alongside speech.

Toddler Stars:

Toddler Stars’ room is located downstairs for the older toddlers.

Toddler Stars offers the ideal environment to have lots of fun and to learn new skills. Toddler Stars can explore and choose from a wide range of activities to support their learning including construction, small world, messy play and role play areas.


This room is full of resources that extend and promote children’s learning. Hey are offered role play experiences including a fire station, police station, library, hospital, garden centre and much more.

Children can also play with natural materials such as clay, dough, corn flour, water, sand, jelly and ice.  Children learn to sit for snack, tea and lunch with all meals prepared on site.

Children throughout the setting are given the chance to help themselves to breakfast.
The children also enjoy singing, dance and listening to stories and can make use of the puppet theatre and their own dolls to talk about their experiences.

Somerset Total Communication (STC) is continued with the children and all staff use facilities to extend their knowledge of signs and resources.

Equipment is also provided in the large garden and a small garden on the side of the nursery room which includes bikes, sand pit, balls, role play areas, construction area and much more.


A separate building with a large conservatory provides space and has a large selection of equipment and resources to support the children in all 7 areas of learning.

The role play area becomes travel agents, a post office, a shop and much more to support and encourage their communication, language and literacy skills and knowledge and understanding of the world.

Puzzles and computer games are offered to support problems solving numeracy and mathematical development.

Children can also have access to a wide variety of craft and art materials plus varied musical opportunities to help children to develop creatively.

The Pre-school offers a variety of opportunities for children to create and use their imagination from resources such as, salt dough, sand, shaving foam, pens, paint and pencils and much more.

Children are allocated a drawer where they learn to value as their own and where they learn to identify their name and store their work. Children are given book bags to store Pre-school books and learn to choose and respect literature.

What Our Parents Say*

"On arrival, the setting is always set up well. I particularly like the breakfast table - as a parent, we have breakfast early and by 8.45am, he is hungry again so this gives them an opportunity to eat if they wish."

"Bradley recently came home and talked about 'sets'. He put his toys into colours 'sets', so obviously listened and enjoyed what you have taught him."

“First Steps Nursery has a warm and friendly feel to the place and the staff I find always caring towards the children. I feel very lucky to have found this nursery and the support I have received to go to work.”

“Always feel able to talk to staff.”

*A sample of parents’ endorsements (responses from feedback questionnaire 2008)


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First Steps Day Nursery offers a fun and comprehensive range of gainful activities for the learning, development stimulation and enjoyment of your child...

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Our Staff

All our nursery staff are qualified in the provision of early years education and are committed to offering your child, a rich and secure learning environment.

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Recent Testimonials

"Children happily explore their surroundings and display good levels of confidence, forming secure attachments with all staff. "
Ofsted 2013

"Staff build warm trusting relationships with children through an effective key person system, which helps children feel safe and secure."
Ofsted 2013

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Our parents are thrilled with the high standard of early years education their children receive at First Steps Day Nursery.

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First Steps Day Nursery has been awarded a Food Hygiene Rating 5!! Our kitchen staff are very proud of this accolade and continue to maintain the very high standards expected to provide great home hearty and healthy cooked meals for all our children.