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Settings news………

Summer is Here………………………Finally

I think we can officially say that summer is finally here, and you know what that means its sun cream time, if you would prefer your child to wear their own cream please send it in their bag and tell a member of staff on drop off.  Please can all the children be dressed appropriately for the weather for example their shoulders must be covered to protect them from the sun, with suitable footwear, i.e. not crocs or flipflops. Can we also remind you to bring in plenty of spare clothes as the water play will be very frequent on the hot summer days.

Can we assure parents children will be kept out of the sun during the peak time of the day during the hot days. Children are also offered water constantly throughout the day and water machines accessible for all the children- hats are also provided and the children are really encouraged to wear these, if you choose to bring in on from home please clearly name it.

We are delighted to share with you some of the results of our questionnaire so have attached an analysis on Kinder soft for you to see.  I would like to take this time to thank many of our parents for returning the questionnaires, First Steps values your time and the importance of parent partnership and are so honoured to have received so many lovely comments which are of course very important to us. 

We are pleased to say that after waiting a very long time for our gate man to get back to us, he has assured us that by the middle of June he will have fitted us a nice new iron gate going down the side path into preschool. Can I thank parents for being understanding at this time but also reassure you that we have always made sure the children’s security is maximised!

Dates for the diary

Father’s Day

Father’s Day is approaching, and we would like to invite pre-school fathers in to celebrate on Friday 14th of June and the Diamond Nursery fathers in on Friday 21st of June we will be playing sports, games and lots of other activities and we would like to invite any Dads, uncles, Grandads that would like to join in.  We invite you to drop in from 3pm to 4pm and join in the festivities.  (If any fathers are unavailable the children are welcome to bring any uncles, grandfathers, godfathers or friends etc)

Preschool -Friday 14th June 3-4pm

Nursery Children – Friday 21st June 3-4pm

Birdy Studio Photography is coming to visit us again on Friday 5th July, if you child is in on the Friday they will automatically have they photograph taken, if however your child does not attend nursery on a Friday and you wish for their photography to be taken please see appointment sheet in the entrance hall of Diamond nursery.  This will be available to book as from the beginning of June, they will also be offering a late night that Friday evening for families that wish to have their photographs taken.  

New preschool parents September 2019

Upcoming Preschool children open night for September 2019 will be held on Thursday 18th July at 6pm this usually lasts around 30-45 minutes it gives new preschool parents the information they need regarding school readiness and what is involved in the final year before they start school.  Ruth Garland-Davies, the preschool team, Sam Ware and Megan the Deputy will be available on that evening to discuss additional sessions, fees and any information required regarding the EYF. This is quite an important evening and we kindly ask if you can arrange additional childcare. If you are unable to make this opening evening, please inform a member of staff.  Many thanks.

Our New Menu

We are now into our new summer menu which has so far been an outstanding success Jane our wonderful cook has a true talent for making healthy, delicious meals that are attractive and interesting for the children.  We understand the importance of a healthy well-balanced diet and how beneficial it is to a child’s development that they have nourishing and nutritious meals and learn to try new things.  By trying new foods, they are demonstrating their self-confidence and learning to express their likes and dislikes all of which is stated in the EYFS.  We want to thank all the parents for their wonderful feedback about the summer menu.


Staff news

We are delighted to welcome many new faces to our setting, many of you have seen Jamie around for a while she has been a student with us for the last 9 months and has nearly achieved her childcare qualification and will be joining us full time during the summer in the Diamond nursery room supporting Rosie Plant, Lauren, Vicky and Hayley.  We are very excited to welcome Bryony to the setting, she will also be supporting Diamond nursery on a Thursday and Friday, Bryony has many years’ experience in early years completing a 1st class Degree in Early Years and now currently studying at Bath Spa for her Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE). If you have any questions regarding your child’s key person, please speak to Rosie plant (room Supervisor) who will be more than happy to talk to you  

Many of you know that Rosie-May has now left to go onto maternity leave, so we wish her and her partner all the happiness and best wishes for the soon to arrive baby girl.  Amber has now joined the setting and is very excited to be starting her childcare qualification and will be working together with  Louise and Paige in the Toddler stars.

Polite parent reminders……….

Can I please ask parents to think about their parking during drop off and collection times, to not double park, block the disabled entrance or park over neighbours driveways.  We appreciate it is busy at times and sometimes difficult to park but please be considerate to others and also please may we ask that all parents treat each other respectfully during these times. Thank you for your understanding.

During drop off and collection times, of course children are welcome to explore the front Wendy house area with parents/carers supervision but please remember that the front grass area is played in during the day by the younger children, so can we please ask children and parents to not use this area due to Health and Safely, risk assessment purposes.   

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