How long has the First Steps Childcare Limited been open?

First Steps Childcare Limited was established in March 1993. In 2018 we celebrated our 25th year.


What are the age groups of the children?

The setting is divided into 2 main areas, our Nursery room and our Pre-school room.
Our Nursery room upstairs accomodates our younger children between the ages of 2 and 3 years. Once a child reaches the age of 3, they move downstairs into the Pre-school room at the beginning of the next school term following their 3rd birthday.
Our Pre-school room consists of the entire downstairs, with free-flow access to the garden and outdoor classroom. Children aged 3-4 will stay in this room until they go to school in September.


What is the staff ratio?

In our Nursery room, children aged 2 years are in a 1:4 adult to child ratio, meaning there is one member of staff to every four children.
In our pre-school room, children aged 3-4 years old are are in a 1:8 adult to child ratio, meaning there is one member of staff to every 8 children.


Can children play outside?

Yes, we have a lovely secure garden at the back of the setting that consists of a purpose built sandpit, a climbing frame with slide, a large purpose build wooden play house (also known as the hobbit house), and a small vegetable plot to encourage children to plant and eat a healthy diet. Our pre-school children have direct access to the outdoor classroom which provides a sheltered space to learn outside, perfect for outdoor play on rainy days.
We also have a sheltered and heated outdoor sleep area that offers our younger children a safe space to take a daytime nap in the fresh air. Children are supervised outdoors at all times.


What items do I need to bring for my child for outdoor play?

First Steps provides sunhats and suncream during the summer months for all children unless we are informed to the contrary by the parent or carer. For winter months and chilly/wet days, please provide a warm waterproof coat, a hat and wellington boots. We have a large selection of waterproof coats and rain suits for all ages and spare wellington boots if needed.


Is there anywhere for the children to sleep?

We have a heated and sheltered outdoor sleep area where the younger children can take a nap in a secure pushchair. Sleep blankets are provided for the children and washed daily here at the setting.


What do the children do throughout the day at the nursery?

At First Steps, we provide a broad and varied range of engaging activities, toys, and safe play equipment to help stimulate your child and encourage them to develop to their full potential.


Does the nursery provide hot meals?

Yes, our cook provides a nutritious healthy hot meal every lunchtime that is low in salt and sugar, and meets children’s varied dietary requirements. We have a 4-weekly food menu that is rotated and changed throughout the seasons. Also, First Steps have recently been awarded 5 stars for our Food hygiene.

Get in touch...

Please feel free to contact us with any of your questions or to arrange a visit – we are proud of our nursery and love showing people around.